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Services Offered By a Tax Attorney

tax relief attorneyIf for some reason, you get into trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, don’t ignore the problem. Instead find yourself a good tax attorney to help get you out of such mess. Don’t let “tax lawyer” intimidate you. Remember, the IRS breathing down your neck is a far worse fate than having to deal with a tax attorney.

Tax lawyers aren’t confined to handling tax litigation cases. They do take on other tax-related duties both for individuals and corporations. If the IRS has filed a case against you for failure to pay taxes, it is a tax attorney’s job to handle such disputes. Get representation from a good tax lawyer.

More than Just Court Representation

They can help you navigate complicated tax codes and laws to better understand your situation. For business entities, they handle the structuring and documentation requirements. A tax lawyer can also be called upon for tax planning so that you won’t be burdened by tax legalities.

Finally, a tax attorney can advise clients on estate tax and financial planning, which are often too complicated for ordinary mortals.

Tax litigation attorneys represent clients in both state and federal courts, and other courts including the District Court, Court of Federal Claims or even the Bankruptcy Court. They are also called upon to represent tax professionals who are the subject of IRS enforcement proceedings, be they violations or injunction actions.

When to Call a Tax Lawyer

Many people opt to ignore summons by the IRS for unpaid taxes. Wrong move. The problem isn’t going away by ignoring it. And disabuse your mind that tax lawyers are expensive that’s why you’re avoiding them.

The best way to get out of your tax situation is in fact, to consult with a tax attorney. If anything, he’ll help simplify things for you so the process becomes easier.
So when do you need the services of a tax lawyer, who is also sometimes called a tax litigation lawyer or a tax controversy lawyer?

Tax lawyers handle cases of tax audits, tax appeals, tax collection and tax penalties.
A tax audit is required if you are being questioned by a tax agency about paying the right taxes.

There are three forms of audits, all of which a tax lawyer must be well versed in:

Correspondence audits are for simple audits that can be done through mail. Office audit requires presenting receipts and other documentation that have to do with specific questions about your tax returns with the local IRS office. A Field audit requires an IRS agent to visit your home or place of business.

Additional Services

You can be assisted by a tax attorney for any of these audits, including preparation and presentation. A tax lawyer can guide you in a Tax appeal, particularly your rights and what to expect during the process. To help understand tax collection, consult a tax lawyer on an individual or business entity’s responsibilities when it comes to paying a number of local, state and federal taxes.

Finally, if you are facing tax penalties by the IRS either for failure to file, failure to pay, neglect and other such offenses, you’d best seek the services of a tax lawyer to go about this situation.

A tax lawyer can help people who may have innocently made mistakes, which are often viewed as tax fraud. The IRS often slaps a more serious case of tax evasion, failure to collect employment taxes or filing false documents. To work this out, a tax attorney should be your new best friend.

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